[python-win32] What happened to the ability to edit the source from PythonWin grep?

Bob Gailer ramrom@earthling.net
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:38:05 -0700

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In previous versions of PythonWin I could left click, then right click on a 
result line in a grep window and choose to edit the file. In the current 
(win32all build 152) right click in grep always displays the same menu (Try 
Again, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select all, Save tesults.)

BTW it also bugs me that I have to left click first to select the line, 
then right click. Can right-click be fixed to select the line (that's the 
way it works in Windows Explorer, for example).

I almost always get a bunch of PythonWin exceptions when debugging. Is 
there a way to fix things to reduce these?

Bob Gailer
303 442 2625

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