[python-win32] Extreme slowness in PythonWin IDE (Build 152), after displaying big lists

Tony Cappellini tony@tcapp.com
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 00:04:22 -0800

I've been having problems in the PythonWin IDE, after displaying big lists 
or dictionaries.
Usually, only part of the list will be displayed, and the display process 
is very slow.
After the list/dict is displayed, everything types in the IDE command line, 
takes much longer to execute, than it did before displaying the big list.

If i close the IDE , and re-launch the IDE, it's back to normal, until I 
display the contents of a list of dict (several hundreds of items)
This happened on a Win98 machine, with Python 2.2.2, I'll see if I can find 
a Win2000 machine to see if it happens there as well.
The system is 667MHZ machine with 256MB ram. It seems as though the entire 
system system slows down a bit, after the IDE starts to crawl.

Has anyone else seen anything else like this in the PythonWin IDE ?