[python-win32] Extreme slowness in PythonWin IDE (Build 152), after displaying big lists

Magnus Lycka magnus@thinkware.se
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:33:52 +0100

At 00:04 2003-03-27 -0800, Tony Cappellini wrote:
>I've been having problems in the PythonWin IDE, after displaying big lists 
>or dictionaries.
>Usually, only part of the list will be displayed, and the display process 
>is very slow.
>After the list/dict is displayed, everything types in the IDE command 
>line, takes much longer to execute, than it did before displaying the big list.

I think the same is true for other Python IDEs as well.
It certainly is for IDLE.

In general, I think it's difficult for editors to handle
very long lists. Maybe there should be some kind of line
wrap function (optional) in PythonWin, so that the result
of something like "from wxPython import wx; dir(wx)" would
be displayed over several lines, and not jut be partly
displayed on one line...

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