[python-win32] Acrobat Reader and win32com?

Robin Becker robin@reportlab.com
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 10:50:40 +0100

In message <1048760226.2487.4.camel@ch-phantom-l>, Jürg Schulthess
<juerg_schulthess@tuergass.net> writes
>Has anyone tried to automate Acrobat Reader with win32com in the same
>way the documentation sugests for Word or other MS Office applications?
>There doesn't seem to be a type library for Acrobat Reader, or is there?
>Any sugestions?
I have done some work with this, to get anywhere you need the SDK, but
there's a tlb for Acrobat 4.0 and a whole bunch of com interfaces.

Unfortunately the thing I wanted to do seemed to be impossible ie bring
up a particular page view it at a specified magnification, use /Fbot's
screen grabber to capture the image and save it for comparison. The
difficulty was in the timing ie knowing when the operations had actually
completed, just because you ask to switch to full screen mode and the
com method returns doesn't mean that the event has completed.
Robin Becker