[python-win32] Conflicts with Python

Scott Prive scottprive at earthlink.net
Fri May 9 09:08:24 EDT 2003

Works on one PC but not another, and it's the same code?

But the first thing I would do is examine the differences between the two systems: same Python, same Tk version, same OS version of Windows?

On the computer that blacks out, any special background software like virus scanner or system security? (You might not even know what's running, if it's corporate software that hides itself from the Task Manager).

What if your example code was one of the example Tk or app-running examples from the documentation? Did they work OK?

Obviously I'm doing some guessing here... I can't see what might cause this, but my first suspicion based on your description is system-specific.

Lastly, it might help to trim your application to the fewest number of lines to reproduce the problem. That may uncover detail, and give us something to test with.

Hope this helps,


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  I wrote a GUI using Tkinter and was trying to open simple applications like the Notepad program or Net Send in it.  However, whenever I run it, the screen blacks out.  Upon installing it on another PC, it works. Hence, I wonder if there was any conflicting file that I may have unknowingly on the troubled PC.

  Dudley McFadden <mcfadden at ford-consulting.com> wrote: 
    On occasion I have similar behavior when using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). Either pythonwin or another application blocks until the other completes some operation. Perhaps you are simultaneously running some other program that is doing its DDE operations "impolitely." I have not taken the time to identify the root cause of my problem, but it only comes up when I am dealing with DDE. ET Planet, please post details of what exactly you are doing when you say, "did an external .exe call." Okay?


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