[python-win32] What is the easiest way to execute an Excel macro fra python?

Jens B. Jorgensen jens.jorgensen at tallan.com
Thu May 15 11:18:26 EDT 2003

If there are a lot of constants in the typelib then it becomes quite 
worthwhile to use makepy, also if there are odd functions. Other than 
that using IDispatch will be fine. Not sure but you should get a slight 
performance edge using the makepy-generated classes since the binding 
stuff is all there in the class def and doesn't get looked up.

thor vollset wrote:

> Is there a recommended way to do this?
> Is it better to run makepy and generate static binding or to
> use IDispatch?
> When supporting different versions of Excel, does this point to use 
> IDispatch.
> Does anyone have any example scripts?
> all the best from Norway
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