[python-win32] Com+ Book?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Apr 20 19:09:00 EDT 2004

> In addition to the Python Programming on Win32 book, is "COM+ 
> Programming with Visual Basic" from O'Reilly a good source of 
> info for 
> figuring out how the different objects work, with regard to trying to 
> work with them in Python?

I've never seen the other book, but I would be surprised if it also made a good "COM object reference".  A common critisim people send me about our book is that I didn't cover the "COM object <something>" deeply enough.  Unfortunately, the specific "something" could be any of the objects I touch in the book - Word, Excel, IE, etcm or even ones I didn't :)

Many COM object suites are *very* complicated - eg, Microsoft Office contains a number of apps, each with a huge object model.  For this kind of app, you are probably best off finding a book that focuses on the single application (in any language), rather than a book which is focussed on the language (including mine!) and will therefore cover individual objects more superficially.


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