[python-win32] raw string

Anand K Rayudu anand.k.rayudu at esi-group.com
Thu Aug 19 15:49:58 CEST 2004

Hi all,
i have com interface which  returns a string. in my case it is returning  
if i print the value \n is interpted as new line charcter and if  i use os.access(file,os.R_OK) it returns false.

How can i specify not to consider the string in raw mode

in static string i would have used it as r"E:\data\modes\neonmodel.dat"
but if i have that already as variable, how can i do it

Thanks for help

my python code looks like this

from win32com.client import Dispatch

import os
#file=r"E:\data\models\model.dat" // if i uncomment it is ok
if(os.access(file,os.R_OK)==True): // access files as it is not in raw


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