[python-win32] A Python Service that monitors the clipboard?

Bob Gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Sun Dec 12 03:16:47 CET 2004

At 04:28 PM 12/11/2004, VanL wrote:
>I have tried several times after puzzling about the code in "Python 
>Programming on Win32," but I have not been able to figure out a simple 
>python service that monitors the clipboard.  (My ultimate goal is to have 
>a service that is something like ArsClip.  I am trying to do this to learn 
>more about Win32).

My guess is that each process has its own clipboard. So the service would 
see a different clipboard than an interactive session (unless you are 
logged on the console and the service interacts with the cosole). Python 
Programming on Win32 discusses clipboard management.

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