[python-win32] Problem with PythonWin IDE child windows odd behavior.

Bob Gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Mon Feb 2 18:06:35 EST 2004

At 08:03 AM 2/1/2004, R. Alan Monroe wrote:

> > On my Win 2003 Server I can open 8 PythonWin IDE child windows without
> > problem. Any windows I open beyond that become transparent, showing
> > whatever was active just before selecting it.
> > The problem jointly affects child windows in Mozilla.
> > Child windows in MS Excel and Access and IE are not affected.
> > What might cause this?
>Go into task manager. Go to the processes tab. On the menu go to
>View/Select columns. Check on "USER objects" and "GDI objects". The
>GDI count is probably really high for those apps. I personally
>experienced that if Mozilla 1.5 got over 1000 GDI object it would quit
>refreshing its own screen.

Opening 12 windows in PythonWin (4 unusable due to problem) USER objects = 
235 GDI objects = 279.

Mozilla by itself does not have the problem (as far as I can tell). But 
with PythonWin running enough windows Mozilla then fails.
PythonWin seems to be the culprit.

>I haven't got to test that with 1.6 yet. As
>far as I know you'll just have to exit & relaunch, and report it as a
>resource leak to the program authors.

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