[python-win32] Python Dates and Windows dates

Christopher Nilsson can at optiver.com.au
Wed Jan 14 18:01:41 EST 2004

This is an example of how I'm doing this... Might not be exactly what 
you're after though.

import time, pywintypes

def COMDateToDate(comdate):
  """Expects a PyTime object (a COMDate) as input - see the pythoncom 
doco for info"""
  return time.localtime(int(comdate))
def DateToCOMDate(adate):
  """Expects a datetime object (from datetime module)"""
  return pywintypes.Time(adate.timetuple())


Aaron Patrick Lehmann wrote:

>How do I translate from the python time format to Windows time format?
>Aaron Lehmann

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