[python-win32] Re: Changing Windows NT File Permissions

Roger Upole rwupole at msn.com
Tue Jul 20 05:07:40 CEST 2004

This appears to be a problem with ACL's that contain auto-inherited ACE's.
Right now the function is only ordering ACEs so that access-denied ACEs
are first (previously the only requirement). Now ACLs require that inherited
ACEs come last regardless of type.  I'll try to get a fix in for this.

>>> Does the following code look right for getting permissions on an
>>> existing file and then adding users to the permissions list?  It seems
>>> to be working for me on some files, but on another it completed
>>> successfully and then when I tried to view permissions on the file
>>> using the windows explorer I got a popup that said:

>>> The permissions on file.ini are incorrectly ordered, which may cause
>>> some entries to be ineffective.  Press OK to continue and sort the
>>> permissions correctly, or Cancel to reset the permissions.

>>> Should I be using something other than
>>> DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION for the info passed to GetFileSecurity?

>>> def giveUsersFullControlOfFile(userIds, file):
>>>    info = win32security.DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION
>>>    sd = win32security.GetFileSecurity(file, info)
>>>    acl = sd.GetSecurityDescriptorDacl()

>>>    for userId in userIds:
>>>        sidUser = win32security.LookupAccountName(None,userId)[0]
>>>        sidCreator = pywintypes.SID()
>>>        sidCreator.Initialize(ntsecuritycon.SECURITY_CREATOR_SID_AUTHORITY,1)
>>>        sidCreator.SetSubAuthority(0, ntsecuritycon.SECURITY_CREATOR_OWNER_RID)
>>>        acl.AddAccessAllowedAce(win32file.FILE_ALL_ACCESS, sidUser)
>>>        acl.AddAccessAllowedAce(win32file.FILE_ALL_ACCESS, sidCreator)
>>>    sd.SetSecurityDescriptorDacl(1, acl, 0)
>>>    win32security.SetFileSecurity(file, info, sd)
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