[python-win32] Re: Found how to use TLBs with py2exe,

pyama at snafu.de pyama at snafu.de
Mon Mar 1 09:44:26 EST 2004

> >All this properties -in our context- does have VSS also.
> >Is CVS also shipped with an COM Automation Library?
> No.
> I use Boa_Constructor as my GUI RAD dev tool, which is built on pxPython
> and wxWindows widgets and looks and runs the same on either platform.  The
> apps made with it runs on either a Windows box or a Linux box, and if one
> is careful about the fonts that are used no code changes are necessary.
> We are moving away from Microsoft's Common Object Model and dependence on
> Microsoft in general.   In Windows I use CVSNT and TortoiseCVS.  In Linux I
 ... cut ...

IMHO we should change to other groups like alt.versioncontrol...
or alt.os_struggle_against_each_other....

The reason why I've postet is, that the VSS TLB seems to be 
something special (*Maybe*. Any kinds of hints are welcome,
something concerning this problem is even new for me and possibly
other readers of the group may also learn something new to solve
problems like this.)
I've mentioned, the ClearCase TLB works very satisfying on
WinNT/2k together with Python. I've written some cool tools
in the past. Myself, I much more would like to work with CC,
but now, I don't have it.

The goal is, to help the creator of py2exe makeing py2exe more
flexible, if -perhaps- other guys use some other funny TLBs.
Subversion and other VC-Tools may be well, great and fine, but
their existence don't help us to solve the problem and does not
increase the power of the already powerfull py2exe tool.


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