[python-win32] Calling Python functions from Visual Basic

Mark Hammond mhammond at keypoint.com.au
Fri Mar 5 21:39:51 EST 2004

> The former seems to require creating the COM component and
> registering it as a
> service, the latter two require running an XML-RPC or SOAP server.

Just to be clear, in the nomenclature of win32com, you are registering a
'COM server'.  This generally will not be a windows service.

> The advantage of the former I assume is speed, the latter two
> portability.
> Are there any other methods that I have missed?

COM is pretty simple to get going too, which would be an advantage - nothing
in the middle!  I'm not familiar with using SOAP or XML-RPC from VB.

> In terms of examples for creating a COM object using Python,
> I have found
> http://www.hps1.demon.co.uk/users/andy/pyvb/ which is dated 4
> June 1997.  Is
> this example still valid for current versions of Python and win32all?

Generally, yes.  The only things I could see that would be done differently
* Remove the import of 'ni' - this was a very old Python module.
* win32com.server.register has a HandleCommandLine() method that would
generally be used, rather than the com object itself parsing sys.argv -
although it could still choose to if it desired.


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