[python-win32] Fnorb problems

Rodrigo Baptista digobaptista at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 22:41:08 CEST 2005

Hi im using Python-2.3.5.exe and Fnorb-1.3.win32.exe and i want to use
the fnidl to compile idl files.

The instalation of fnorb goes ok, but when i execute fnidl it comes this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\script\fnidl.py", line 239, in ?
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\script\fnidl.py", line 126, in main
   result = main_interactive(context)
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\script\fnidl.py", line 144, in main_
   ifr = IntRepImpl.RepositoryImpl()
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\cos\interface_repository\IntRepImpl.
py", line 675, in __init__
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\cos\interface_repository\IntRepImpl.
py", line 748, in get_primitive
   self._fnorb_register_impl(key, PrimitiveDefImpl._FNORB_ID, definition)
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\cos\interface_repository\IntRepImpl.
py", line 80, in _fnorb_register_impl
   boa = BOA.BOA_init()
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\orb\BOA.py", line 61, in BOA_init
   boa = BOA(argv, boa_id)
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\orb\BOA.py", line 151, in __init__
   protocol.enable(host, port)
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\orb\IIOPProtocol.py", line 61, in en
   self.__nudger = Nudger.Nudger()
 File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Fnorb\orb\Nudger.py", line 99, in __init__

   raise CORBA.COMM_FAILURE() # System exception.
Fnorb.orb.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: Minor: 0 Completed: COMPLETED_NO
Exception exceptions.AttributeError: "Nudger instance has no attribute '_Nudger_
_reactor'" in <bound method Nudger.__del__ of <Fnorb.orb.Nudger.Nudger instance
at 0x00B97C60>> ignored

Someone can help me?


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