[python-win32] Intro and Windows Questions

Christophe Leske leske at online.de
Wed Apr 6 20:52:50 CEST 2005

Hello there, 
my name is Christophe Leske and i am a developer based in Düsseldorf,
germany. I have a multimedia programming background, but am slowly crawling
up to RAD development using Python and am therefore looking for a windows
IDE and GUI Designer.

Ideally, I'd like to have an IDE with code completion, yet all the IDEs i
have seen so far (WingIDE, Komodo, Ecliipse (either as trustudio or the
Pydev plugin) don't really cut it for me. 

Same goes for the Windows GUI Designers (Boa doesn't even work for me, even
after compilation - hey, i am a beginner...)

So far, i settled for PythonWin, yet am still looking for better
Any suggestions? I also know about specialized editors like Crimson or
ZeusEdit, but i'd rather go with an IDE (if possible).
Python seems like a mature development tool for me, which is why i am
wondering that there seems to be no really good IDE that fits me (or am just
weird? probably...)

My rubberboat is full of eels,
Christophe Leske
tel. +49-(0)211 230 99 70
.:. fürstenwall 157 .:.
::: 40215 düsseldorf :::
::: germany :::

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