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Nicolas Grilly nicolas.grilly at garden-paris.com
Thu Apr 7 11:44:37 CEST 2005


Like Daniel, I use SciTE, primarily to develop data analysis application and
contact management applications. I'm very satisfied with SciTE, that is an
excellent editor for programmers, until you configured it properly (using
SciTEGlobal.properties). The only features I miss are an integrated file
manager and an integrated debugger. But it is possible and very handy to
manage your project files using the File Explorer and a tool like
TortoiseCVS or TortoiseSVN for version control. Concerning debugging, I need
to debug my code only once since I develop in Python. So I used the simple
text debugger provided in the standard Python distribution.

My applications are GUI applications. I choose the wxPython framework to
develop those applications. I've a large experience with the Swing framework
in Java, and I can say wxPython is a lot simpler to use! It's an excellent
tool for rapid application development of GUI applications. To design your
screens, it's perfectly possible to use straight code, but I also use XRCed
(a graphical tool provided with the wxPython distribution). This tool
generates XML resource file that you can load in your applications with a
simple line of code. There's also wxGlage, but I never test it.


Nicolas Grilly

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Hi Christophe,

I am a newbie to python myself... but i have settled for now on just using
the scite editor (http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html) to code python. like
you, i was not impressed with eclipse+pydev, or pythonwin (and havent even
tried all those other ones you mentioned).

scite doesnt have code completion, but it does have automatic syntax format,
block collapse capability, open multiple files in one window with tabs, and
you can run your program from right inside it through a shortcut (and
probably a lot of other useful stuff that i havent gotten to use yet). i do
have to note that i have not done any gui stuff in python yet, so maybe i
will have to start looking for something else when i do.

maybe not exactly what you were looking for - just sharing my [admittedly
narrow] experience. please feel free to let me know if you find a really
smashing ide, as i would not be averse to using one, either.

good luck,

On Apr 6, 2005 2:52 PM, Christophe Leske <leske at online.de> wrote:
> Hello there,
> my name is Christophe Leske and i am a developer based in Düsseldorf, 
> germany. I have a multimedia programming background, but am slowly 
> crawling up to RAD development using Python and am therefore looking 
> for a windows IDE and GUI Designer.
> Now:
> Ideally, I'd like to have an IDE with code completion, yet all the 
> IDEs i have seen so far (WingIDE, Komodo, Ecliipse (either as 
> trustudio or the Pydev plugin) don't really cut it for me.
> Same goes for the Windows GUI Designers (Boa doesn't even work for me, 
> even after compilation - hey, i am a beginner...)
> So far, i settled for PythonWin, yet am still looking for better 
> alternatives.
> Any suggestions? I also know about specialized editors like Crimson or 
> ZeusEdit, but i'd rather go with an IDE (if possible).
> Python seems like a mature development tool for me, which is why i am 
> wondering that there seems to be no really good IDE that fits me (or 
> am just weird? probably...)
> My rubberboat is full of eels,
> Christophe Leske
> tel. +49-(0)211 230 99 70
> .:. fürstenwall 157 .:.
> ::: 40215 düsseldorf :::
> ::: germany :::
> http://www.multimedial.de
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