[python-win32] Using SendMessage to send an accelerator key combination

Tim Black tim at alwaysreformed.com
Tue Apr 12 12:23:29 CEST 2005

I'm trying to automate a GUI from Python.  I've been using AutoHotKey 
but now in the interest of speeding things up and simplifying my app's 
structure I am porting my app to use winGuiAuto (which is a great help!) 
and the Python win32 extensions.

I've read the thread on this list titled "Help on using 
win32api.SendMessage to send keystrokes," some of the PyWin32 
documentation, and some of the MSDN docs on SendMessage, but am still 
unclear about how to construct a message to send simple accelerator key 
combinations to a window, such as the following:


Could anyone point me to the right documentation to understand what 
characters to include in the "message" argument of the 
win32gui.SendMessage() call to send either of these two accelerator key 
combinations?  I just need a good example to get me going.

Thanks in advance!

Tim Black
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