[python-win32] cleaning up after DDE client requests

Jim McLoughlin jimmcloughlin at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 28 21:11:48 CEST 2005


I have successfully used the DDE apis as a client to some DDE data 
services (normally accessed by excel).  These services have a limit on 
the number of simultaneous DDE requests I can make (~300 at one time) - 
but this should not be a problem, as I make all of these requests 

For a small number of requests, things are fine.  However, a sequence 
of 1000 requests seems to run into problems.  So my question is: is 
there some clean up code that can be used for conversations, servers, 
etc?  Can I  do something like conversation.terminate() or 
server.destroy() to make sure I am cleaning things up properly?

An unrelated question: If I am only acting as a DDE client, why do I 
need to instantiate a server - is it behaving as a proxy to the 
(non-python) DDE server process that already exists on my machine?

Thanks for any help.


E.g. code I am using:

import win32ui
import dde

function getDataViaDDE(myRequests)
	server = dde.CreateServer()
	conversation = dde.CreateConversation(server)
	conversation.ConnectTo("DDEServiceName", "DataTopic")

	myResults = {}
	for request in myRequests
		 myResults[request] = conversation.Request(request)
	return myResults
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