[python-win32] Infos on the python win32 build process

Markus Hillebrand news at markus-hillebrand.de
Fri Apr 29 20:03:46 CEST 2005

   Hello out there!

For a new release of the Python centered application-framework
FreeGee (http://freegee.sf.net) I'm looking for informations (or
scripts) upon the Python Win32 build process. My goal is to
automize the build process including other open source packages
(omniORB, postgresql, gnupg, wxPython ... ) to provide a consistent
application framework that can be installed with a single installation

With best regards
Markus Hillebrand

P.S.: and please don't wonder about the Win32 release of FreeGee
on source-forge. For our projects we currently using a much newer
internal release. At the moment we reorganize the build process
for Win32 so that we can provide a clean and reliable public release ...

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