[python-win32] Ugh...native Windows interactive Python 2.4 in Cygwin terminal

Matthew Bogosian mattb at columbia.edu
Fri Aug 5 23:41:20 CEST 2005

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I apologize sincerely and in advance if this problem has already been 
discussed. I have been unable to find any reference to anything similar 
in either the Python or Cygwin mailing lists, FAQs, etc.

I am attempting to run the native Windows 2.4 binary distribution 
(i.e., c:\Python24\python.exe) interactively in a Cygwin terminal, and 
I am having a very difficult time of it. It seems that the 
terminal-based IO for the native Windows binary doesn't play well with 
the Cygwin shell/terminal (I'm guessing).

If I open a DOS prompt, and invoke interactive python (by typing 
"c:\python24\python") everything works as advertised (i.e., the version 
and prompt are printed, and I can type commands and get responses). 
However, when I open a Cygwin shell and try the same (by typing 
"/cygdrive/c/python24/python"), python appears to just hang there. I 
can hit CTRL-C to kill it, but otherwise it is unresponsive. What is 
weird is that if I pipe it data (in non-interactive mode) it does just 
fine. For example, if, in Cygwin, I can do the following:

> $ echo $SHELL
> /bin/bash
> $ echo $CYGWIN
> ntsec
> $ echo $TERM
> xterm
> $ echo 'print 5 + 5' | /cygdrive/c/python24/python
> 10
> $ echo $?
> 0
> $ python
> print 5 + 5
> hello?
> anyone there?
> ^C
> $  echo $?
> 130
> $

Unfortunately, I am *not* able to use the Cygwin version of Python for 
the project on which I am working. I *must* use the native Windows 
version. However, the inability to invoke it interactively in Cygwin 
has got me tied in knots.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Once again, I 
apologize if this is already a well-known issue.

	-- Matt

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