[python-win32] using InvokeTypes?

Andrew Markebo andrew.markebo at comhem.se
Fri Dec 2 11:17:32 CET 2005

I am communicating between LabVIEW and Python through the
COM-interface, trying to drag out a LabVIEW defined enum.

The sane problem as seen in "Reading custom output parameters from

There Mark Hammond writes:
"Sadly there is no easy way to explicitly specify the exact variant
type, other than using InvokeTypes. "

So now I would like to throw an eye at InvokeTypes, been searching a
bit, but only found non-commented InvokeTypes. How do I find the
values of input/output lists, flags and so on. 

Is it possible just to set it to sort of list of bytes or so and we
fipple it right??

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