[python-win32] on the way to find pi!

Ali Polatel alipolatel at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 23 19:28:47 CET 2005

dear friends ,
I found a code which calculates pi with an interesting algorithm the programme code is below:
from sys import stdout
def f((q,r,t,k)):
    n = (3*q+r) / t
    if (4*q+r) / t == n:
        return (10*q,10*(r-n*t),t,k,n)
        return (q*k, q*(4*k+2)+r*(2*k+1),t*(2*k+1),k+1)
# Call pi(20) for first 20 digits, or pi() for all digits
def pi(n=-1):
    printed_decimal = False
    r = f((1,0,1,1))
    while n != 0:
        if len(r) == 5:
            if not printed_decimal:
                printed_decimal = True
            n -= 1
        r = f(r[:4])
if __name__ == '__main__':
    from sys import argv
        digit_count = long(argv[1])
        digit_count=int(raw_input('How many digits? :'))
This code gives the number in an unusual format like "3.1415'None'" it has a number part and a string part . I want to seperate these from easc other but I couldn't manage. I mean when I try to turn it into string format then try to use things like [:4] or like that they don't work.Any idea how to seperate this 'None' from the number and make it a real normal number on which I can do operations like +1 -1 or like that :)

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