[python-win32] reading linked excel spreadsheet

the New me newgat11 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 10 20:29:40 CEST 2005

I used EasyExcel class from 
Python Programming on Win32 by Mr. Hammond
to open an excel worksheet and read the data.
the excell is linked to another data feed (DDE).

it works fine on regular files but
when I try to getContiguousRange every hour for
example, it asks if I want to open the Excel worksheet
I'd like to run this program unattended, I do not want
it to ask to open the file to update the data, just do
it automatically.

I tried to have the options ready from the Excel side
(automatic updates to links, lower security levels,
etc... ).
I'd like to automate this process so that it could do
it without having to attend to it.

there must be some command from Python to tell excell
to update the DDE and links and get results without
having excell to ask.
(or not having to open the sheet every time? or
I am missing something but dont know what it is.
must be soem VBA stuff or some command from the python
side to bypass the asking part.

Thanks for any help


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