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kimwaic888-pythonwin32@yahoo.com kimwaic888-pythonwin32 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 02:34:39 CEST 2005


If you have an installed copy of PythonWin32 running
under XP, you can try the sample app too and see if it
works for you.  It's in the
win32comext\taskscheduler\test directory.  Just
double-click on test_addtask.py.  On my system, the
object gets created but it doesn't run unless I do it



Gabriel Genellina wrote:
> At Friday 15/7/2005 00:44,
kimwaic888-pythonwin32 at yahoo.com wrote:
>> Thank you, Roger, for pointing that out.  I tried
>> test sample and it did create the scheduler object
>> one would expect.
>> However, same as the at.exe attempt I did from CLI,
>> the object doesn't run when the time came.  I
>> requested "Run" and the task runs fine (with the
>> message dialog poping up).
>> I retried several times by playing around with the
>> settings (manually entering password and so forth)
>> nothing worked.
>> Any clues?
> Does the process depends on its startup directory?
> Runs under any user account?
> Needs any privilege?
> Is interactive? (use /interactive)
> Gabriel Genellina
> Softlab SRL 

John Henry

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