[python-win32] Fetching network interface instance names

Chris Miles miles.chris at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 23:45:08 CEST 2005

Hi, I am querying win32pdh to fetch statistics from each network  
interface on the machine.  I am able to fetch the stats I need, using  
the code below, from each network interface, provided I already know  
the network interface instance name (eg: intf below).

My Q is: how can I programmatically find out what the network  
interface instance names are?

I can see the instance names manually from the GUI using  
win32pdhutil.browse() but that doesn't help my program do it.

 >>> intf = 'Intel[R] PRO_100 Network Connection - Packet Scheduler  
 >>> import win32pdh
 >>> hq = win32pdh.OpenQuery()
 >>> cp = win32pdh.MakeCounterPath( (None, 'Network Interface', intf,  
None, -1, 'Bytes Sent/sec') )
 >>> hc = win32pdh.AddCounter( hq, cp )
 >>> type,val = win32pdh.GetFormattedCounterValue( hc,  
win32pdh.PDH_FMT_LONG )
 >>> type
 >>> val


Chris Miles

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