[python-win32] Unable to set an Excel chart's titl ethrough win32com : can you reproduce this problem ?

Fabrice Capiez fabrice_capiez at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Jun 30 00:23:39 CEST 2005

> According to Excel Visual Basic Help: "Characters - Returns a 
> <mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\Microsoft%20Office\Office\1033\VBAXL9.CHM::/
> object that represents a range of characters within the object text. You 
> can use the Characters object to format characters within a text string.
> Now look at the Text property "Returns or sets the text for the specified 
> object. Read-only String for the Range object, read/write String for all 
> other objects."
> So try chart.ChartTitle.Text ="title"

Actually I tried both ChartTitle.Text and ChartTitle.Characters.Text
The VBA macro recorder uses Characters.Text to set the title but at first I 
thought that this object was only due to my Japanese version of Office, so I
 tried with both possibilities at every step of my testing. 
Now I think that the problem lies in copying a chart from one place to 
another since the problem arises with both Copy and Location methods.. 
Either there is a problem with win32com, or the com interface of the object 
is bugged, or I am not using things the right way altogether.

Thank you for the insight anyway

Fabrice Capiez 
Save the earth

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