[python-win32] COM server with events and multiple threads

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon May 23 09:08:23 CEST 2005

> I don't know how to tell VB6 to use free-threading or how to
> spawn new
> threads in VB6 that belong to the MTA. Are you sure it's possible, do
> you have more information on how to do this?

I doubt it is possible for the main GUI thread.  I believe VB can create
threads via API calls, so they are up for grabs.  I meant to say something
like "the host (in thise case VB) must set the thread-mode.  I doubt VB

> I suppose the problem is
> quite common to all people who whish to use a VB6 GUI with a
> python COM server backend.

I'm not aware of normal single threaded apps doing similarly strange things
for people.  Using connection-points directly is not common, so maybe VB is
doing something stange with them.

> The events are sent to the GUI as follows: (This is based on
> a sample I
> found on the same mailing list, except the sample didn't set the
> threading model of the component to "free")

Your original query said "the python COM server has multiple threads running
in it" - but its still not clear to me what these threads are, or where they
are created.  Are these multiple-threads just an observed side-effect of the
code as posted?


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