[python-win32] COM - respond to other application's event

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Nov 10 06:57:27 CET 2005

Check out DispatchWithEvents

>>> import win32com.client
>>> help(win32com.client.DispatchWithEvents)

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  Hello group,

  I'm a beginner learning Python.  Trying to automate AutoCAD.  What I
wanted to know is how to receive event fired by the AutoCAD application.
When a drawing opening process is done, the application will fire an event
EndOpen.  In VBA, I know how to catch and respond to this event.  But do not
know how to accomplish it with Python.

  import win32com.client
  acad = win32com.client.Dispatch("AutoCAD.Application")
  acad.Visible = True
  acad.WindowState = 3
  doc = acad.Documents.Open(r"C:\Drawings\test.dwg")
  print ("Drawing opened.")

  Thanks for your time and help,


  - wcc

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