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David Schnepper davidsch at verity.com
Fri Oct 14 17:38:49 CEST 2005

Mark Hammond wrote:

>Sadly, I think GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent will not work for you.  In
short, it
>is nearly useless :) The description of the function says it "sends a
>specified signal to a console process group that shares the console
>associated with the calling process" and it means it literally.  In
>case, it sounds like you have a GUI program, so that will not have a
>console, so will never be able to be part of your process group.  If
>running program is not in the exact same console as your app, you are
>More info on this can be found at
>http://www.microsoft.com/msj/0698/win320698.aspx, where they describe a
>technique where they need to use another child process to make this
work -
>but even then its not clear it would work if you app is a GUI one.
Thank you for the link.  I'll check it out.  I hadn't had the chance to 
try the GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent yet.

The Windows notion of a "Console" is independent from a "visual window
the display".  You can still have a Console without anything appearing
on the screen.   Generally, if you start a process from a cmd.exe
window you inherit the cmd.exe window as your console, if your process
is started from the Services Manager you have no console -- but can
allocate one with AllocConsole().

A process can disassociate itself from a console with FreeConsole() - 
and a good way to find out if you have a console is call
AllocConsole() and check for an error -- if you already had a console
an error code is returned.

A process can spawn a child detached from the console, or with a new
console, with flags to CreateProcess()

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