[python-win32] MS Exchange address book access within Python

Anderson, Allan aanderson at opentv.com
Wed Apr 19 22:47:43 CEST 2006

Hi, folks. I'm working with the gnatsparse.py script included with
Bugzilla to import my company's old GNATS bug database. As this script
appears to have been written specifically for the migration of the GCC
project, and also as it was written for an older version of Bugzilla,
I'm having to make some modifications.

One thing I need to do is consolidate the user names. GNATS keeps a list
of these in a file called 'responsible' -- they include a username and
real name pair like this: 'stanislas.godel:Stanislas Godel:'. However,
the bug Reporter field and other similar fields list an email address
(say, 'sgodel at mycompany.com').

I know that our email system will accept email addressed in the long
form (stanislas.godel at mycompany.com) as well as in the shorter form. It
strikes me that it would be very convenient and result in very correct
data if I simply looked up the addresses and names in our Exchange
address book. I know nothing about how that might work, however. 

Is there a python module that wraps up this sort of handy functionality?
Or should I start looking through the Win32 API, and just call it
directly? I don't know much about Windows programming. 


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