[python-win32] Problems using PythonWin debugger

Tony C cappy2112 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 03:25:37 CEST 2006

I had stopped using the PyWin debugger, back in 2.3, because of numerous
problems, and unexpected things happening.
Now, in 2.4.3 I had tried ti again, but still have the same old problems.

I have a script which justs iterates through text files, countng lines, and
functions, and subs, of another language
Pretty basic iteration, no recursion, no generators.

The script runs wel, but isn't counting certain lines, so it's a minor logic
I want to set some breakpoints to see whats going on. However, when I set
breakpoints, the debugger never stops there.
The only place it stops is a the breakpoint in main.

I can't even step through the program after the breakpoint in main.
The debugger jsut exits the program. No exceptions are thrown, and remember
the  script runs well on the command line.

Also the debugging toolbar dissappears from time to time, and I have to
re-enable it.
This is one of the same problems I have since 2.2 days, as well as the
breakpoints not working.

I have tried starting the program in "Step Throuhg the debugger', and "Run
in the debugger" modes.

Has anyone been able to use this debugger effectively?
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