[python-win32] shell_view.py problem

Andrew Kirkpatrick andykirk at ubermonkey.net
Sat Dec 2 10:29:02 CET 2006

Hello, I'm having a play with python on windows and installed pywin32 
version 210 for python 2.5. There is a nifty example 
that creates a virtual folder under the desktop root in windows 
explorer. When I run it, it registers a COM server to handle this 
virtual folder, I can see the changes it makes to the registry and the 
item appears in explorer. However clicking on this item does nothing, 
focus returns immediately to the desktop root item. I've littered the 
file with calls to a logging function but nothing ever gets written to 
the log file. It seems to me that while it works to register itself,  it 
then doesn't get called by windows to handle events from explorer.

If anyone can help with this issue I'd be most grateful.

Andy Kirkpatrick

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