[python-win32] EasyDialogs - typeList

Axiom X11 axiomx11 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 15:37:49 CET 2006

I am trying to write a dialog the opens a video file.

This works:

import EasyDialogs
file = EasyDialogs.AskFileForOpen(defaultLocation="c:\\",
typeList=('avi','mpg','mpeg', ))

and outputs a dialog that shows


in the selection dropdown.

What I want to do is have it show

Video Files (*.avi;*.mpg;*.mpeg)

This idea is hinted at on this page:


But the example doesn't seem to work (or perhaps I don't understand how to
use it)

When I tried it like this:

file = EasyDialogs.AskFileForOpen(defaultLocation="c:\\", typeList=(('C
Files (*.c, *.h)', '*.c;*.h')))

The dropdown on the open dialog says

*.C Files (*.c, *.h)

It just put asterisks in front of whatever values you give it.  (And no, the
first option does not work, and while the second one does, it breaks if you
delete the first one).

Any hints on this would be welcomed.
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