[python-win32] Python as scripting glue, WAS Python for sysadmin

Tim Golden Tim.Golden at viacom-outdoor.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 18:13:57 CET 2006

[Tim Roberts]

| Tim Golden wrote:
| > There was a recent thread on python-dev in which
| > GvR was surprised at the (large) number of .msi
| > downloads from Python.org, indicating how popular
| > Python might be among Windoweers.
| I'm surprised he was surprised.  Better than 90% of the 
| desktops in the world run Windows, so statistically speaking, 
| 90% of the downloads should be from Windows users. 

I was a little underprecise in my report. He was actually
surprised at the apparent upsurge in the percentage, not
in the percentage itself. But still...

The thread is here, in case you're interested:



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