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Fri Dec 15 04:35:23 CET 2006

I agree it will have to address every concern out there but in the end i
think it will work!

On 12/14/06, Bokverket <bokverket at hotmail.com> wrote:
> That's an absolutely fabolous idea. In particular, a lot of more general
> info on accessing Windows from Python (and maybe Python from a typical app
> like Microsoft Excel or Word) would fit there. The things that one dare
> not
> ask here, in spite of the "no-dumb policy" :-)
> In fact I think that it would increase the traffic on this list due to a
> whole new group of people joining.  The problem is that the learning curve
> is steep if you want to do something,
> start reading on this site, my problem is maybe typical that I read the
> book/chapter on Python and Windows long ago and got a canonical Hello
> World
> app to run (I managed to open Word from Python and was proud). Maybe there
> are good books or online resources on how to get a library up and running,
> what libraries are needed etc, how a COM works in conjunction with Pyton,
> etc., if so they could just be referenced.
> The target-group of the text ought to be programmers needing some glue.
> Best,
> Goran
> (Will comment on Tim G's post later, 1 a.m. here in Sweden :-)
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