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Metz, Bobby W, WWCS bwmetz at att.com
Mon May 1 23:44:32 CEST 2006

Yeh, Mark's first book seems to be on backorder everywhere.  I've been
trying to get it for some time.  B&N and Borders both don't have it and
tell me backordered as well.


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>>Is there going to be a 2nd Edition of your Python Programming on Win32
>>book? If so, when do you think it will be released?
> I hope to have this complete this year, so released some time next
year.  Of
> course, that means I need to *start* it this year.  I've one or two
> lined up to help too (sadly I believe Andy will be too busy to
> second time around, but I'm yet to confirm that with him)

Thanks for the info and good luck with the new book! I'm sure there's a
lot of people eager to get it!

I've just ordered the 1st edition from O'Reilly (it's on back-order). I
can't wait a whole year for the new book :-) I guess I'll have two of
your books in the future ;-)

>>Regardless of a second book, do you recommend I purchase the book
>>directly from O'Reilly? I've not checked other vendors (Amazon, Barnes
>>Noble, etc). I just want to make sure that the most amount for my
>>purchase gets diverted to you :-) Maybe it doesn't matter who I buy
>>- but I thought I ask anyway!
> Thanks for your consideration, but I've no idea how any of that works.
> AFAIK I just get a few cents per copy sold regardless of who the
> is.

A few cents, that blows! I'll have to help you out some other way :-)

Thanks again - Mark!


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