[python-win32] killProcName.py not working for processes under user SYSTEM

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-p32 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed May 3 00:33:39 CEST 2006

At Tuesday 2/5/2006 16:50, Gerrat Rickert wrote:

>I’m logged in as an administrator on my computer 
>(actually a domain admin) and I can’t seem to 
>get the killProcName.py program (that came with 
>Mark Hammond’s python extensions) to kill ANY 
>process owned by ‘SYSTEM’ (I’ve tried a few – eg. ‘iPodService’, ‘Apache’)
>I can open the windows task manager, right-click 
>the process and do an ‘End Process’, and that 
>kills it just fine, but I just get an error when I try it from Python:
>(5, ‘OpenProcess’, ‘Access is denied.’)

Thats because you, even as administrator, do not 
have enough privilege to grab the process handle. 
This is a common scenario for services running as Local System.
See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/197155/en-us

Gabriel Genellina
Softlab SRL 

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