[python-win32] Module not found weirdness

Derick Van Niekerk derickvn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 00:15:07 CEST 2006

> You ran dependency walker on which file?

I ran it on python.exe, pressed F7, then  loaded my .py file by specifying
the filename in the arguments field.

> The other win32clipboard functions work fine as well, like getting and
> > setting the clipboard contents. I have found that SetClipboardViewer (
> > self.hwnd) should be in user32.dll but I have the same version
> > installed as on my PC at work where the program runs without a problem.
> How are you running this?  Are you running it from a command line, or
> from inside an IDE, or double-clicking on the desktop, or what?  Which
> version of Python?  Remember that, using Python 2.4 as an example,
> python24.dll and pywintypes24.dll must be present in the DLL search
> path, and that the environment variables for a proess started by
> Explorer are not necessarily the same as the variables for a
> command-line shell.

I get the same errors whether I run it via the comand line, desktop
double-click (quick read to see the errors)
or SPE (my IDE of choice). The dlls are found, the problem is with the
function - which, I assume is a module inside a dll (user32.dll, I believe).
I might be assuming too
much - It could be something else entirely, but it seems to only affect

Is there any way I could have broken the clipboard view chain in a way that
doesn't fix itself after a restart?

Is it possible you have multiple copies of Python installed, and that
> the Explorer file association is pointing to the wrong one?  If you go
> to a cmd shell and do "assoc .py" and then "ftype python.file" (assuming
> that's what assoc said), does it point to the path you expect?

Nope.  Only  python 2.4.3 is installed.  I upgraded from 2.4.2 hoping it
would solve
the problem. Following the instructions you gave me in your last paragraph
doesn't show me anything unexpected. The path seems to be correct.

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