[python-win32] Mailslot

Michel Claveau mc at mclaveau.com
Mon Dec 10 00:12:52 CET 2007


Mailslot is a simple & fast IPC (Inter Processus Call) (who use UDP & SMB). 
It's inside Windows from long time ago.

With Vista, the (re)-new tool  Waitfor.exe can use it, for synchronize 
batchs, applis or scripts (in local computer or in a LAN).

This next code show the use of Python+PyWin32 for send a signal to Mailslot. 
Like a "client" Mailslot:

    import win32file,win32con
    mailslot =
win32file.GENERIC_WRITE, 0, None, win32con.CREATE_NEW, 0, None)
    win32file.WriteFile(mailslot, "ABC")

Now, my problem is:  I am not able to write a Mailslot server.  I don't 
found any wrapper of the (kernel32) CreateMailslot et ReadFile  functions.

On this subject, Google is not my friend...

Any idea?   Perhaps a feature for the next release of PyWin32?

Thank you to have read me.

Michel Claveau

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