[python-win32] Absence of PrintWindow?

Chris Ashurst CAshurst at thig.com
Wed Dec 19 16:56:18 CET 2007

Thank you, that's essentially what I've ended up doing :)

Just in case anyone is attempting to do the whole "screenshot of hidden
window" thing, this is my base code (Inside wx, but it could just have
easily been straight win32api/gui):

[--- snip---]

import wx
from ctypes import windll

# Retrieved from a random window with win32gui.EnumChildWindows(...)
hwnd = 2885072

# Window_FromHWND appears in wxPython
window = wx.Window_FromHWND(None, hwnd)

src_dc = wx.WindowDC(window)
width, height = window.GetSize()

mem_dc = wx.MemoryDC()
bitmap = wx.EmptyBitmap(width, height)
windll.user32.PrintWindow(hwnd, mem_dc.GetHDC(), 0)

image = bitmap.ConvertToImage()
filename = "testsnap.png"
image.SaveFile(filename, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_PNG)


Again, thanks for pointing me at ctypes - I was beginning to go crazy at not
finding a way around not having PrintWindow :D

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Chris Ashurst wrote:
> This is all a really long-winded (my apologies) way of asking if
> *is* in Pythonwin, and if not, that's fine - I just need to save my sanity
> from hunting for something that isn't there :)
> (The only reference I could find to PrintWindow in regards to the win32
> being wrapped was from a mailing list thread for Tcl in 2006 - the author
> mentions it isn't wrapped due to CPU concerns).

I don't think it's wrapped by pywin32. You should be able to
get to it with ctypes.


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