[python-win32] Media Wiki

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Fri Feb 23 10:04:24 CET 2007

James Matthews wrote:
> A while ago the fact was brought up that we need a wiki for all the
> pythonwin32 info! I have acquired a domain name and wish to host this wiki
> but i want to know what people will want and i need people that will write
> articles please emails me!

Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this! I've had our discussions
about this squirrelled away in a must-do-something-about-this folder

I'm quite happy to donate by Win32 How Do I... articles
(a dozen or so, some of which are linked from the new
pyfaq site). I do add to them from time to time, but less
often than I'd like.

Fundamentally, I think any such venture has to have a clear
raison d'etre [you'll have to imagine the circumflex]. There's
not much point in its reiterating things which are Python-general:
that's what all the other Python docs are for. I see it as a way
of overcoming the still-mildly-*nix-centredness of Python use
especially in certain areas, and to reassure people in a twofold
way: Python works fine on Windows and you can do pretty much
everything you need; and if you want to do things on Windows,
Python is a great tool to use.

I'm not sure what style you're going for,
or what structure, but the sort of sections I thought would be
useful are (in no particular order):

+ Win32-specifics on various apps / modules, particularly where the 
authors are more *nix-oriented so special installation steps or even
patches are needed. Obviously this could also be fed back to the

+ Common Win32-specific question areas, such as: Excel, CDO, PDF, Word.
These are the sort of things I've generated my How Do I... series from,
but obviously there are loads more. I think some structure is worthwhile
here because otherwise one could just check the archives of mailing
lists etc.

+ Links to sites which provide Windows-oriented Python information,
and to some extent those which are useful for the Python programmer
even though not Python-oriented.

There's my 2.5p-worth. Happy to contribute as far as commitments


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