[python-win32] How to Impletments COM Interface: IInternetProtocol

Zhao Dapu zhaodapu at gmail.com
Wed May 23 12:59:54 CEST 2007

Hi, all

I want to implements an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol handler, which
can handle a custom protocol like "http" or "mk". Follow the
instruction of MSDN, I must Implements at least 3 interfaces:
IInternetProtocol, IInternetProtocolRoot and IClassFactory. But I'm
not clear how to do this and didn't find any clue in the win32com

Shoule I use makepy first to generate the a wrap py-file? But I don't
know the name of the typelib. I'm a newbie in COM. I also find any
thing about "IInternetProtocol" in my registry.

Below is some code I thought it should be. Without the
_com_interfaces_ lines, it works( i.e. I can create the COM object and
call the methods). But now it will generate many errors.

Any clue is appreciated!

import win32com
class MyProtocol:
    _com_interfaces_ = ['IInternetProtocol',
    _com_interfaces_ = ['IDispatch']

    _reg_clsid_ = '{F662AB76-9BE9-440F-9F33-42750C86EA2C}'
    _reg_progid_ = 'MyProtocol'
    _public_methods_ = ['Read', 'Seek']

    def __init__(self):
        print "create a com obj"

    # IInternetProtocol
    def Read(self, pv, cb, pcbread):
        print "Method called: Read 1"
    def Seek(self, dlibMove, dwOrigin, plibNewPosition):
        print "Method called: Seek"

    # IInternetProtocolRoot
    def Start( self, szUrl, pOIProtSink, pOIBindInfo, grfPI, dwReserved):
        print "Method called: Start"
    def Abort(hrReason, dwOptions):
        print "Method called: Abort"


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