[python-win32] Walking the registry and creating reg files

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Mon Dec 8 19:17:35 CET 2008

Dahlstrom, Roger wrote:
> OK - so if I'm correct in understanding this, let's say hypothetically, I have something like so...
> HKLM...
>         something
>                 something else
>                 something else
>                 something else
> If I were to use my operation, and export the entire tree, I would get a copy of the above, but then if someone modified it such that there were four "something else"s, and I merged my copy back in, the end result would be the same four "something else"s, while with your method, I would end up with the original three?  Is that right?

Yes, but remember that RegSaveKey uses an undocumented binary format
that matches the internal registry database format.  Joe User isn't
going to go in and modify the saved file.  It was really designed for
backup and restore.

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