[python-win32] How to create a com_record?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Feb 4 23:44:39 CET 2008

> guid = win32com.client.Record("GUID", some_ob)

> I don't have the some_obj that allows me to build "GUID".

It should be any object from the same typelib - almost certainly whatever
object you intend passing this record to.

> VB.NET (GetType) and C++ (__uuid) both already know that a GUID is a

C++ doesn't know it is a COM record.  A COM record is something quite
different to a C/C++ struct or from .NET types.  A COM record is
specifically designed to be cross-language.

> It seems the python CLSID is the same thing, but i don't know what to call

> to get a CLSID that is a com_record type.

As I've explained, we are looking for the COM record definition you are
trying to use.  A C++ struct definition for a GUID is *not* what you are
looking for - you are looking for the COM record definition of a GUID.  I
see now that you simply copied me a C++ struct you found, which is not at
all useful in this context.

To clarify: in a *typelib* you will find a struct definition that you are
trying to use.  Finding a struct definition of the same name somewhere else
is not suitable.
> Am I understanding the win32com.client.Record call correctly? It needs
GUID to be defined by the 
> COM right?

Not "defined by COM", but "defined using COM" - the author of a typelib must
have defined it somewhere.

> Its odd b/c the GIUD (python's CLSID) is all over the COM definitions its
just type
> VT_RECORD type that I'm not understanding how to convert to.

Yes, I'm afraid you are confused.  All existing GUID or CLSID definitions
you can find are useless - there is only 1 that is relevant, and that will
be defined in a typelib.

I think the confusion is such that you need to find basic docs for the
object, so we can get back to square 1.


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