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> > [>>>Peck, Jon] Thanks for the pointer.  It worked perfectly.  But, in
> the
> > spirit of self help, where could I have found DispatchEx documentation
> that
> > would have explained this (other than the website above)?
> One of those perennially unanswerable questions, I'm afraid. A lot
> of the pywin32 stuff is pretty much raw Win32 API. The win32com
> stuff is a little more wrapped, but still fairly much expects you
> to dive into MSDN to find out what you want and then look for
> the equivalent thing in the pywin32.chm file!
> Which is why I try to put things up on my site, and why I and
> others try our best to field questions on this and the main
> Python list. Mark Hammond, Roger Upole and the other contributors
> to the pywin32 extensions do a great job of getting things in
> there and trying to track the moving target that is the Windows
> API. I feel that one way in which the rest of us can contribute
> is to produce documentation at whatever level we can.
> (I have a long-unrealised plan to start a documentation site
> for Python-on-Windows, but as they say: The best-laid plans
> of mice and men... Maybe one day I'll realise it :)
> >>>JKP
> The documentation is the most frustrating part of the win32com library.
> And DispatchEx does not even appear in pywin32.chm (or in the MH book).
> At least I couldn't find it.

Jon K Peck
jkpeck at gmail.com
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