[python-win32] comtypes question: getactiveobject(ie.__clsid) says 'operation unavailsble'

Aaron Colichia coreconcern at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 02:18:56 CEST 2008

New to the pywin32 user list

I've read a couple of articles stating that IE doesn't register with the
ROT.  It was geared toward IE4, but I am not sure if I am running into this
or if I am not doing something right.  I question my syntax because I was
certain it worked once.  Both CreateObject and GetActiveObject take 'progid'
which can be a clsid, or the string representation of the application's
clsid eg. InternetExplorer.Application..

here is what i am trying on xp sp2 ie6-7

from comtypes.client import GetActiveObject, CreateObject

ie = CreateObject('InternetExplorer.Application')



ie.Visible = True


(Seems good at this point)

newIe = GetActiveObject('InternetExplorer.Application')

'exception in blah blah'

Windows Error: ( Operation Unavailable )

The same results if I use the seemingly good ie.__clsid

I've also tried passing ie._iid_ and str(ie.__clsid) and str(ie._iid_)

Is this all the same problem with IE not registering with ROT?


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