[python-win32] If I used AddObject to add an object to a MS Script control where does it go?

Gerard Brunick gbrunick at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Mar 1 08:24:01 CET 2008

I am using the active scripting stuff to run python code from within MS 
Office VBA code.
Supposedly, the AddObject method of the scripting control makes an 
object visible to the
script code; however, I don't see anything show up in the global python 
namespace when I
do this?  In the examples with win32com, there generally seems to be a 
useful object exposed
to the script like "WScript" for the wsh, and I thought that the added 
object may show up as a
member of such an object, but I don't see such anything like this in my 
global namespace either?
A quick search of the list for "AddObject" found one question in 2004 
with no replies.  Hopefully,
I do a little better this time :).

Thanks in advance,

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