[python-win32] Iron Python and Visual Basic 2005 (or 2008) Express

Dick Moores rdm at rcblue.com
Wed Mar 5 02:21:40 CET 2008

At 03:57 PM 3/4/2008, Tim Roberts wrote:
>Dick Moores wrote:
> > I just Googled "Delphi". Is your Delphi listed on this page?:
> > <http://www.codegear.com/products/delphi> And does it come with
> > Python embedded or do you have to do the embedding? I have a feeling
> > that's a stupid question, but I'm fearless. :-)
> >
>Delphi is the grown-up version of Borland's Object Pascal.  Think of it
>as Visual Studio for Pascal.  It was a very cool product, with a great
>IDE and a wonderful class library for writing GUI apps.  I was a
>steadfast Delphi zealot from versions 1 through 5, but when I got hooked
>on Python I drifted away, and I haven't looked back.
>Delphi doesn't come with Python in the box, but it's very easy to add
>packages, and there are lots of places to download them.  Essentially
>one DLL gives you a Python engine within your Delphi application.

So is this the Delphi you are talking about?: 

Dick Moores 

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