[python-win32] OE/WAB help with VB ...

Clinton Lee Taylor clintonlee.taylor at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 18:25:56 CET 2008

Greetings ...

 I hope I might be able to get some help with a little problem ...

 I have used the many examples on the net with Outlook, but I'm have
problems using python and Outlook Express ... I hear all of the
python-win32 mail list groan ... Please hear me out before deleting

 I have found a nice little LGPL library that I hope will make my life
and many others easier ... http://www.nektra.com/products/wab/

 If I understand the docs, it's an activeX component, with a nice
little VB app, but I'm a total noob at both languages and total lost
in all com stuff and dll this and some other stuff ...

 If anybody could look at the VB app and give me a hand at starting a
basic python script that just can dump the names from the WAB, it
would rally help to have a working example to work from ...


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